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Welcome to M Of Sweden Security Network

Hello my name is Magnus Rydhult, I'm the CEO of M of Sweden Security Network. We are Cooperating with the Swedish police force and the security company Securitas in the Crime prevention work.

M provide our members with safety tips and how to protect themselves against burglary and recurring thefts

M and the police are working daily with our members to avoid the theft of fuel, then you have tips on crimes, call us

  • The network is a kind of tip network, which  provides  thousands of members information about crime by SMS/MMS.

When, for example a lorry, is stolen, we send an  SMS includning relevant  information to our members, who then  can call the Police and leave tips.

We  have a tip number to the Securitas emergency service centre for all of our members.

SMS Crime Alert sends out SMS in case of Crime.

The Networks send out an SMS (text message) based Crime Alert notification network allowing community members to warn other community members of recent and/or in-progress crimes. Timely warnings will help community members steer clear of "hot spots", alert people of suspicious characters to watch out for, help track stolen vehicles and other items and help the Police with information.

Welcome to prevent crime with us!


  Are you worried about what might happen to you if you talk to the police?

Maybe you've seen or heard something about a crime but don't know what to do.

Would you say something if no-one knew it was you?

Then M OF Sweden Security Network  is here for you.

Call us at +46 680 718500

More information is coming soon.










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